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Hand Crafted
Small Batches 

Each and every piece is made by hand in small batches. No two items will be exactly the same, and have their own uniqueness because each piece gets individual attention. You can be assured anything purchased was made by hand by either Kelsey or James!

About Us!

It is just the two of us here! We are James Turner and Kelsey Angeli and have worked together for almost a decade! From the deck of a tall ship and traditional rigging shops, to building our own wood shop! We are always trying to grow as makers and expand our range of experiences! We have a great love of the outdoors and are always exploring with our pups; Tolkien Lily, and Indiana. So it comes as no surprise we would want to work with the best that nature has to offer!


Always Something New!

Here at Tanglewood Workshop we are always experimenting with new materials to work with and new ways of making our products! Sometimes we will use reclaimed materials or create something with an entirely new medium! We are always exploring new things and want to keep things exciting here! We hope our excitement of exploring new things translates into our work and that you will get just as much joy out of it as we do!

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